Product Features

    • 160 GB capacity
    • CE-ATA interface
    • 3,600 rpm
    • High energy efficiency
    • 2 platters, 8mm of height

Product info

Toshiba Storage Device Division introduces the industry’s most advanced 1.8-inch HDD to date: The new 160GB 1.8-inch hard disk drive.

The MK1626GCB reinforces Toshiba’s technical and manufacturing expertise by offering 160GB on only 2 platters. Featuring the CE-ATA interface, which is optimised for consumer electronics products, Toshiba’s new 160GB HDD builds upon growing market demand for high capacity, lightweight next generation mobile media devices like mp3 players and personal media players. Alongside the increase in capacity, the 160GB HDD operates at only 3.600 rpm. Due to this speed rate the drive offers extreme high energy efficiency and extraordinary battery life compared with conventional HDDs, which is very important for consumer electronic devices.

With the MK1626GCB, Toshiba Storage Device Division is offering consumer electronics designers the perfect medium to develop high performance products that offer the optimum combination of low power consumption and substantial storage in a highly portable form factor.

  • Technical Specs
    • Model
      Part number HDD1B01
      Formatted capacity 160,042 MByte
      Form factor 1.8 inch
      Interface type
      • CE-ATA (LIF)
      Supported interface standards
      • CE-ATA x8
      • CE-ATA 1.1
      Head/actuator technology
      • "Ramp-Load" Technology
      • PMR (Write)/TMR (Read)
      Shock detection Shock sensor circuit
      S.M.A.R.T. The SMART command set is supported.
      Physical parameters
      Number of platters 2
      Number of cylinders 83,988
      Number of heads 4
      Bytes/sector Host: 512
      Disk: 4,096
      Access times
      Average seek time 15 ms
      Maximum seek time 26 ms
      Track-to-track seek time 3 ms
      Transfer rates
      • From 171 MBit/s to 377 MBit/s
      Host 52 MByte/s
      Rotational speed
      Rotational speed 3,600 rpm
      Buffer size 160 kByte
      • Read-ahead cache
      • Write cache
      Reaction times
      Start time, typical (up to Drive Ready) 0.3 s
      Start time, maximum (up to Drive Ready) 0.4 s
      Recovery time (from stand-by, typical) 3 s
      Recovery time (from stand-by, maximum) 20 s
      Reliability specifications
      MTBF 300,000 Hours
      Power-on hours <333 hours/month Hours
      Product life 5 years or 20,000 POH (whatever comes earlier)
      Seek error rate 1 error per 10^6 seeks
      Non-recoverable error rate 1 error per 10^13 seeks
      Preventive maintenance No preventive maintenance is required
      Power consumption
      Start (Maximum) 1.8 W
      Seek (Average) 0.9 W
      Read (Average) 0.8 W
      Write (Average) 0.8 W
      Low-power idle (Average) 0.3 W
      Stand-by (Average) 0.1
      Power supply motor
      Supply voltage
      • +3.3 V (+/-5 %)
      Allowable noise/ripple Max. 70 mV
      Power supply logic
      Supply voltage
      • +3.3 V (+/-5 %)
      Allowable noise/ripple Max. 70 mV
      Mechanical specifications
      Drive width 54 mm
      Drive height 8.0 mm
      Drive depth 71 mm
      Drive weight 0.059 kg
      Drive orientation The drive can be installed in all axes (6 directions)
      • From 5 °C to 60 °C
      • From -20 °C to 65 °C
      • From -40 °C to 70 °C
      • From 8 % to 90 %
      • From 8 % to 90 %
      • From 5 % to 90 %
      Wet bulb
      Operating (Maximum) 29 °C
      Non-operating (Maximum) 40 °C
      Operating (Maximum) 2 G, with 15 - 500 Hz
      Non-operating (Maximum) 5 G, with 15 - 500 Hz
      Operating (Maximum) 500 G, with 2 ms half sine wave
      Non-operating (Maximum) 1500 G, with 1 ms half sine wave
      Shipping (Maximum) 0.7 m free drop with no unrecoverable error. Drive must be packed in Toshiba´s original shipping package. Apply shock in each direction of the drive´s three mutual perpendicular axis, one axis at a time.
      • From -300 m to 3,000 m
      • From -300 m to 12,000 m
      Acoustic noise
      Idle mode (Disk spinning) Max. 16 dB
      Random seek Max. 22 dB
      BIOS specifications
      Number of cylinders (Logical) 16,383
      Number of heads (Logical) 16
      Number of sectors/track (Logical) 63
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