• Extended duty hard disk drives feature 24/7 operation and a storage capacitiy of 80GB
    • Featuring Rotational Vibration (RV) compensation technology for reliable operation in multi-drive systems and servers
    • 7,200 RPM spindle speed and 3.0 Gbps SATA interface for outstanding performance
    • Low power consumption and cool operation for data center environments
    • Ideal for server, blade server, nearline storage and industrial PC/robot applications

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The new 2.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD) line-up offers 7,200 RPM 3.0Gb/sec. and is the industry leading 250GB maximum capacity designed for 24/7 operation. The series offers operational features to meet the growing demand of business critical and industrial applications.

The 7,200 RPM MHZ2-BK series drives are well suited for blade servers, nearline storage devices, telecommunication devices, and other data-intensive business critical applications. The new series are also designed with features that minimize the adverse effects of rotational vibration, and offers comparable performance to the traditional 3.5" SATA drives while reducing power consumption, making it an ideal and ecological storage solution for companies. The MHZ2-BK series drives are some of the many new products announced under the Green Policy Innovation initiative, unveiled in December 2007 to promote energy-efficient products and services as a way to help customers lower their ecological footprint.

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    • Model
        MHZ2080BK MHZ2120BK MHZ2160BK MHZ2250BK
      Functional specifications
      Formatted storage capacity 80 GByte 120 GByte 160 GByte 250 GByte
      Bytes/sector 512
      Seek time (track to track) 1.5 ms
      Seek time (average)
      • Read: 10 ms
      • Write: 12.5 ms
      Seek time (full track) Read/write: 20.5 ms
      Average latency time 4.17 ms
      Rotational speed 7,200 kierrosta/min
      Data transfer from/to host 300 MByte/s
      Interface SATA 3.0 Gbps, ATA-8
      Data buffer size 16 MByte
      Head positioning method Rotary VCM Embedded Servo
      Physical specifications
      Power requirement (+/- 5%) 5 V
      Ripple (P-P) 100 mV
      Power requirement spin up (max.) 5.5 W
      Power requirement read/write (typ.) 2.3 W
      Power requirement idle (ready) 0.8 W
      Power requirement sleep (typ.) 0.13 W
      Power requirement standby (typ.) 0.13 W
      Form factor 2.5 Tuumaa
      Mounting screws M3
      Height 9.5 mm
      Width 70 mm
      Depth 100 mm
      Weight (max.) 107 g 107 g 107 g 115 g
      Ambient temperature (operating)
      • Alkaen +5 °C asti +55 °C
      Ambient temperature (non-operating)
      • Alkaen -40 °C asti +65 °C
      Gradient 20 °C/tunti
      Relative humidity (non-condensing, operating)
      • Alkaen 8 % asti 90 %
      Relative humidity (non-condensing, non-operating)
      • Alkaen 5 % asti 95 %
      Maximum wet bulb (non-condensing, operating) 29 °C
      Maximum wet bulb (non-condensing, non-operating) 40 °C
      Vibration (operating) 5 - 500Hz: 1 G
      Vibration (non-operating) 5 - 500Hz: 5 G
      Shock (operating) 2 ms: 325 G
      Shock (non-operating) 1 ms: 900 G
      Altitude (operating)
      • Alkaen -300 m asti +3000 m
      Altitude (non-operating)
      • Alkaen -300 m asti +12000 m
      Acoustic noise (typ., at 1 meter, idle) 23 dB 23 dB 23 dB 29 dB
      MTBF 300,000 Tuntia
      Unrecoverable errors 1 per 1014 bits read
      Seek errors 1 per 107 seeks
      Load/unload cycles 600,000
      Emergency unload cycles 20,000
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