Product Features

    • Up to 500 GB capacity
    • Extra slim design with 7 mm height
    • 7,278 RPM
    • Excellent power efficiency
    • Average seek times of just 12ms

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Advanced Format

Product info

The MQ01ACF series offers up to 500GB in a unit just 7mm height. Ideal for laptops, ultrathin notebooks and other mobile and power-sensitive applications requiring integrated storage, the 7,278 rpm drives combine a high-speed 6Gbit/s intelligent interface with average seek times of just 12ms. A shock sensor circuit provides protection against shocks of up to 3,430 m/s2 (350G) while the drive is in use. Upon power down, a carriage lock mechanism is automatically activated to protect against shocks of up to 8,820 m/s2 (900G). Furthermore, vibration sensors protect the integrity of data readout against vibrations while the drive is in operation, enabling unrivalled performance. The family of sleek HDDs is available in the following models; the MQ01ACF050 (500GB) and the MQ01ACF032 (320GB).
  • Technical Specs
    • Model
        MQ01ACF032 MQ01ACF050
      Formatted capacity 320 GByte 500 GByte
      Form factor 2.5 inch
      Interface type
      • Serial ATA
      Supported interface standards
      • ATA-8
      • Serial ATA 3.0
      Physical parameters
      Number of platters 1
      Bytes/sector (Host) 512
      Bytes/sector (Disk) 4096 kByte
      Access times
      Maximum seek time 22 ms
      Track-to-track seek time 2 ms
      Transfer rates
      SATA (Host) 1.5/3.0/6.0 Gbit/s
      Rotational speed
      Rotational speed 7,278 rpm
      Buffer size 16 MiB
      Reliability specifications
      Loads/Unloads 600000 Times
      Non-recoverable error rate 1 error per 1014 seeks
      Power consumption
      Start (Maximum) 5.5 W
      Seek (Average) 2.1 W
      Read (Average) 2.1 W
      Write (Average) 2.1 W
      Low-power idle (Average) 0.8 W
      Sleep (Average) 0.18 W
      Stand-by (Average) 0.18 W
      Power supply
      Supply voltage +5 V (+/- 5 %)
      Mechanical specifications
      Drive width 69.85 mm
      Drive height 7 mm
      Drive depth 100 mm
      Drive weight 0.092 kg
      • From 5 °C to 55 °C
      • From -40 °C to 65 °C
      Operating (Maximum) 1 G
      Non-operating (Maximum) 5 G
      Operating (Maximum) 350 G, with 2 ms half sine wave
      Non-operating (Maximum) 900 G, with 1 ms half sine wave
      Acoustic noise
      Idle Ave. 23 dB
      Seek Ave. 24 dB
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